Great people of Ndokwa nation. As the year 2021 peters out, the need arises for a retrospective view to see how we have fared with the goals set. Before I proceed, I must thank you again and again for the opportunity given me to serve the Ndokwa nation as NNU Woman Leader. About 8 days after I was sworn in on February the 13th 2021, I made my inaugural speech. (See the excerpt below).


“My dear esteemed women of Ndokwa Nation. It has been one week and one day since you got me elected into the exalted position of Woman Leader and perhaps the silence may have become a bit disturbing. At last I break the silence! Let me begin by saying thanks to all for passing a vote of confidence on me. It shows how deeply you trust in my ability to deliver on my mandate. This in itself, tells me that your expectations are equally high.

The task, in any case, is a joint one, demanding a collective action, which, would need a synergy of all; not only all Ndokwa women but also our men. Because every woman by extension is affiliated to one or more: hence we should build a synergy with our men too in their capacities as our brothers uncles cousins, nephews, lovers or husbands. So you can now see that we are all involved.

I have a four-year tenure and so the best way to go is to have a yearly plan. What is most important is to ensure that the goals for each year are met.In the first year, we shall work toward bringing Ndokwa women together, the goal being to understand one another, as well as understand our general and particular needs. It is only when this happens positively that we can articulate ourselves better to the society and hopefully get our womenfolk well repositioned.

Rome, they say, was not built in a day so it will take great efforts and cooperation. Toward achieving these immediate goals that is, establish a common understanding of ourselves and reflect on our needs, we shall establish an Ndokwa Women forum NDOKWA WOMEN PARLIAMENT.

From this forum, we shall put in place the CENTRAL WORKING COMMITTEE (CWC) and other livewire committees such as

  • The think-tank team * The taskforce team and * The welfare team.

The Central Working Committee (CWC) shall have as members the woman leader of each of our clans. Thus it is expected that all the 37 clans that make up the Ndokwa Nation must be represented…Not much shall be said here about the nitty-gritty of administration as this is only an inaugural address”


★We have constituted NNU Women Wing
★ We have put our administrative structure in place
★ We have planned and successfully brought Ndokwa women together for the Yearly Women Assembly.

OH YES WE MADE OUR TARGET GOALS AND HAVE EVEN GONE AHEAD TO DO MORE……plan for the first half of the new year 2022 is underway! A SIX MONTH-LONG HEALTH PROJECT! WATCH OUT!!!!!!….

For this reason we unveiled a fifty million naira health trust fund launched on 27th November 2021. How did we fare with the Trust Fund? That is a story for another day. However, early in January of 2022 we shall unveil the Health projects as well as the time table for our activities. Our health programmes include:

(1) health outreaches with foreign and local partners for blood pressure cases, diabetes cases, prostate cancer cases etc : Thus there shall be blood/sugar screening, blood donation campaigns for our blood banks, awareness campaigns to teach how to combat, manage and cope with simple ailments etc.

(2) We have in the pipeline a Health Insurance Scheme for all.

(3) We also plan to partner with 05 initiative of her Excellency, Dame Edith Okowa, to ensure that Sickle Cell Clinics are put in place in all three LGAs of Ndokwa while also planning how to work out a smooth running drug supply and management system.

(4) We plan as well to organize a trado-medical fair in Ndokwa land, towards a continuous wellness drive and the promotion of African curative medicine – a gift from our fore-fathers which we must ensure, does not go into extinction.

If we get the opportunity we very much look forward to collaborating with NNU youth Wing to fight drug addiction among our youths in Ndokwa land. All these can only be possible or achieved if and only if you key into these projects.

Which cause would you support? Please join hands with us to provide the enabling environment and necessary resources. My team is ready and passionate about achieving these new goals.

What is left is your maximum support. Reach out to us today. God bless you! God bless Ndokwa Land! Send your financial support to;

ACCOUNT NAME – Ndokwa Neku Women Wing
ACCOUNT NUMBER – 1024618512

Professor (Chief) Julie Nwabogo E. UmukoroWOMAN LEADER ( Kpakpando Furuni Eze of Ase kingdom)

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