DAME EDITH OkOWA IS DECLARED _Philanthropist of the Year!

NNU Women Wing, in commemoration of International Women’s Day, celebrated and honoured the First Lady of Delta State, Her Excellency, Dame Edith Okowa as Philanthropist of the year 2022. This, according to the NNU National Woman Leader, Prof. Julie N.E. Umukoro, is to mark the First Lady’s meritorious years of dedicated service to health and wellness, in Delta State, particularly in the area of managing the sickle cell disease.

The import of the Ndokwa women’s choice to celebrate the marvelous contributions of Her Excellency, the First Lady of Delta State, on International Women’s Day, cannot elude those who have followed keenly the antecedents to the positive developments in the health sector spearheaded by her. The impact of her novel contributions to health and wellness in Delta State, Nigeria, particularly in engineering the building of sickle cell clinics across the Local Government Areas (LGA) of Delta State cannot also elude the keen observer.To date, 19 out of the 25 existing Local Government Areas of Delta State, own one, courtesy of Dame Edith Okowa’s vision.

Her promise to get all LGAs in Delta States to have a sickle cell clinic before the expiration of her tenure as First Lady of Delta State is already 80% fulfilled while still in office. That makes a monumental national statement about the capacity of Her Excellency, Dame Edith Okowa. Thus, Ndokwa women believe that such great and remarkable achievements by a woman is worth celebrating on a day marked out for the recognition of womanhood worldwide.

To the Ndokwa women who already can boast of two sickle cell clinics sited in two out of their three Local Government Areas, Dame Edith Okowa is a role model and an inspiration to all women, particularly persons in positions of power who are expected to use their positions faithfully to engineer peace, progress and unity. Dame Edith Okowa, for her monumental achievements to health and wellness in Delta State, deserves to be celebrated. NNU Women Wing and by extension, all Ndokwa women, have unanimously voted and declared Her Excellency, Dame Edith Okowa, __Philanthropist of the Year__on March 8th, 2022, to mark International Women’s Day. The event was rounded off with a lecture titled, ‘Countering the menace of the sickle cell anaemia in Nigeria: Dame Edith Okowa’s vision and delivered by Mrs Bibiana Shonibare, the NNU Woman Coordinator, Abuja branch.

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